Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Freeman-Asia Program Re-Launched!

Great News for students interested in studying abroad in Asia!  IIE and Freeman Foundation Re-launch Freeman-ASIA Program

The Institute of International Education (IIE) is pleased to announce that it is re-launching the Freeman Awards for Study in Asia (Freeman-ASIA) with a grant from the Freeman Foundation, a private foundation with offices in New York, New York, Stowe, Vermont, and Honolulu, Hawaii. Applications can be submitted online starting in January 2011, with a February 15 deadline, for study abroad beginning in Summer 2011. Freeman-ASIA scholarships from $3,000 to $7,000 will be available for study abroad anytime through the 2012-13 academic year, with application deadlines and eligibility criteria listed on the program website (

Freeman-ASIA provides financial support to American undergraduates to study abroad for academic credit back home during the summer, semester or full academic year in one of 15 countries/regions in East and Southeast Asia. The program's goal is to increase the number of Americans with first-hand exposure to and understanding of Asia and its peoples and cultures, and expand interest in Asian studies on U.S. campuses.

From 2001-2009, Freeman-ASIA support enabled over 4,000 American undergraduates from 600+ institutions across every state in the U.S. to study abroad in Asia. Upon returning home, these Freeman-ASIA alumni shared their experiences with over 100,000 additional U.S. students through outreach activities on campus and in their home communities, encouraging their peers to consider study abroad in Asia. According to IIE's annual Open Doors report, the proportion of students who selected East and Southeast Asia as their study abroad destination during this time period doubled from 5% to 11% of the total U.S. study abroad population.

Dr. Allan E. Goodman, IIE's President and CEO, noted that American students will increasingly need the cross-cultural skills that Freeman-ASIA supports, and he called for every U.S. campus to double their numbers of students going abroad, especially to Asia. "Without a substantial increase in U.S. students abroad, America's next generation of graduates will be operating at a disadvantage in every professional sphere."

The Freeman Foundation's major objectives include strengthening the bonds of friendship between the United States and countries of East Asia. Through education and educational institutes, the Foundation hopes to develop a greater appreciation of Asian cultures, histories, and economies in the United States and a better understanding of the American people and of American institutions and purposes by the peoples of East Asia.

IIE notes with sadness the passing of Houghton Freeman, Chairman of the Freeman Foundation, on December 1, 2010. His vision and generosity, and that of all the Trustees of the Foundation, have transformed the lives of tens of thousands of students and teachers in the United States and Asia through programs supported by the Freeman Foundation.