Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hello from South Korea

Hi guys,

My name is Tara Townsend and I'm currently in South Korea soon to be studying at one of the top universities. Before I get into all the fun I'm having, there were minor problems before I even arrived; like whether I was really up for this great adventure or was South Korea ready for me. Many more thoughts were floating through my mind up to the day that I had to fly out from BWI and start the journey. Yet when the day finally came for me to fly out all the worries disappeared like mist and I was ready! The headache of flying came when I entered the airport and saw the massive line waiting to go through security and handle their luggage. I made it through fine and left Baltimore for San Francisco. This is where my adventure started not in Baltimore but in San Francisco.
      Once I arrived in San Francisco airport I thought and heard that we had to pick up our luggage, so I followed instructions not knowing ahead of time that my luggage was being loaded to go to Seoul. I looked for my luggage and couldnt find them, worry and dread started in my stomach, how was this all going to work out, who were they going to call, everything that I could think of I did. One of the ladies working behind the desk told me that my luggage was being sent to Seoul and would be there when I arrive, that was great news but now I had bigger problems--getting to the plane headed to Seoul. I think I ran back and forth looking for where I needed to be I almost missed my flight. I was lucky that they held the doors open for me when I finally did find the gate that I needed. The flight to Seoul was the longest I have ever been on in my life!! I slept so much, woke up and repeated this many times. The one thing that was good about the long flight was the woman and man who sat on either side of me. The woman was friendly and we easily made conversations while the man didnt know much English.
   FINALLY, looking outside the window I could see the shores of South Korea. Relief spread through me, a new adventure by myself in a new country where I don't know the langauge and only knew few people. Finding my way out of Incheon Inter'al airport was a challenge but I'm not one to be ashamed to ask where to go, which I did. Getting through immigration and finding my luggage was all the happiness I needed, now to find former classmate Sujin. It was a shock for me to walk through one exit and come face to face with lots of Asians. No phone with me the only way I had to communicate with Sujin was through internet. SURPRISE Sujin appeared in front of me like magic, I was so excited to see her and also a relief that I didn't have to wait long.
  Now starts the adventure in South Korea and oh the places I will go.