Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ice Breaker

Now having been in S. Korea for weeks a lot of things have changed but some are still the same as they were before. I am still lost in the language but the family understands and still tries to communicate with me. I am learning to adapt to the food which before now was only a minor thing, now is becoming a major piece. What has changed now is the family attitude towards me in a way, now living with them for these weeks. They treat me almost as another family member teasing me and the parents teach me different korean words for food or while they are trying to make small talk. Before I even came here I never thought that where I am now was even possible but a famous saying, "never say never" rings loud and clear now.
  Going on little adventures like to the Cheonggye stream which was beautiful at night, or going through the park to get back home. Each has been a moment that again never crossed my mind. Soon I will be moving to the capital of South Korea--Seoul, to begin another ice breaker--school. Meeting new people and a new style again will be fun and thrilling. Hopefully as the months fly by Ill be given the option of more ice breakers :)