Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oh S. Korea, let me count the ways

Coming to South Korea has been an adventure so far, not in the many places or people that I've met but in the culture. What I expected when coming to Korea was uncertainity, something different than home, something truly foreign with weird customs and ideas. Now I believe that with any abroad experience it's always going to be different than home. I have come to eat foods different than I would have back home, heard people talk with a language different than mine. Through it all I'm still going, still wanting to see and try all that is Korea. I believe I will, at least most of it anyway; curiosity right now is my best friend because it's allowing me to try new things.  I may not agree with some of the ideas of the people, but  I am keeping an open mind and curious as to how they do things.
  Well its been a week and five days since I've left home and I have to admit, I'm homesick but not real bad. Homesick for the foods I use to eat, the language and the people; here I am surrounded by Asians and seems to be nothing else and by a language I don't yet know. I guess in a way it's like foreigners who come to the US, nothing is like home and they have to learn how to cope. I too am learning how to cope, but the good thing about it is the family I am staying with is helping me little by little. Speaking the language without slowing down, feeding me foods but making some exceptions, being kind because I am a foreigner. At one point my friend asked me a question about a program we were watching and what had happened. The program of course was in Korean so I didn't know what was going on, but it was the idea that I've been around her this long and listened to Korean, she thought I had understood most of what was going on. I just looked at her and said, " You got to be kidding right?" Her response was to laugh, " I'm sorry." "You just thought I spoke Korean?" "Yeah I forgot, " was her response. I guess in a way that can be considered a good thing and at the same time a bad thing.
Korean I'm slowly learning, but it's a slow process that will take time like anything.