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Maryville College goes to India - January 2015

India’s Identities is a course that travels to Kerala and Tamil Nadu, two states in Southern India. This course emphasizes the diversity of contemporary Indian Identities, devoting particular attention to religion, caste and gender. Once the course has begun we’re going to be visiting religious spaces associated with Hindu, Jain, Muslim, Christian and Jewish traditions. We’ll be coming into contact with Indians from all different caste backgrounds, education levels and occupations.We’ll be looking at the cultural expectations attached to gender, seeing to what degree caste matters in modern India, and analyzing the complex interactions of tradition and modernity in the world’s largest democracy.

Course Goals

  • To be knowledgeable about Indian religious traditions, including Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, & Jainism
  • To understand how gender, caste and religion affect life in contemporary South India
  • To learn first hand about Indian family life, including marriage and childhood

Estimated Itinerary (dates & activities subject to change)

Highlights & Course Information
  • 3 credits
  • Fulfills experiential requirement
  • Open to sophomores, juniors, seniors
  • Faculty-led course with MC and Elon students and professors
  • Includes pre-departure orientation & ongoing lessons

Throughout the course, students will engage in reading and writing assignments, Directed Study opportunities, and presentations order to prepare for site visits and interactions with locals. There will be regular lectures by faculty and local experts.

Course topics will include: Indian languages and literatures, religious identity and traditions, folk arts, colonialism’s impact, and cultural life...

Estimated Program Fee: $3,875

Program fee includes:

· Round-trip airfare
· Transportation
· Housing
· 2 meals/day
· Travel insurance

Does not include:

· Passport
· Travel Visa
· Immunizations or vaccinations
· Spending money
· Tips

Faculty Leaders

Dr. Pennington & Dr. Allocco

Dr. Brian Pennington  Contact him
· MC Professor of Religion
· Past MC faculty leader to India
· Extensive research and experience in India for over 20 years


 Dr. Amy Allocco
· Distinguished Emerging Scholar of Religion at Elon University
· More than 15 years of experience in South India
· Fluent in Indian language Tamil
· Past MC faculty leader to India

APPLY by March 1, 2014 

Selection decisions are made by faculty members and are based upon the entire application packet: application, essay, references, GPA, student conduct, matching student and course goals, etc.

Apply by March 1 with $100 deposit. Only students who are not selected  for any listed sites will receive a refund of this application fee. Selected students will need to make a $200 deposit by April 15


Get a glimpse from the last program @ http://indiasidentities.wordpress.com/

Monday, November 25, 2013

International Studies Students...Be relevant.

Cultural exchange is how you get an understanding of cultures very different from our own.  Learn Arabic and spend 6 weeks in the United Arab Emirates!

American University of Sharjah Summer Program  

Intensive Arabic Program

The Summer Intensive Arabic Language Program at the American University of Sharjah is a 6-week, 6-credit course aimed at developing elementary and elementary advanced language skills through formal classroom instruction and daily conversation practice with a native speaker. The program is offered by the Department of Arabic Language and Translation Studies (ATS), in coordination with the International Exchange Office (IXO). The program includes housing on the beautiful AUS campus with weekend excursions to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Students will enroll in one of two courses based on level of placement; Elementary Arabic or Advanced Elementary Arabic


Early June - Late July, 2014


January 15, 2014




Program fee includes a shared room in the residential halls on campus. Each room accommodates 2 people and includes kitchenette and bathroom.


Program fee includes regular shuttles to nearest Dubai metro station and excursions to Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


AUS is conveniently situated on a beautiful, park-like campus full of Islamic-style architecture, only 15 minutes from historical downtown Sharjah and the city of Dubai. We offer a fully-accredited American-style education grounded in Gulf Arab culture. All programs are co-educational with English as the language of instruction. Our campus offers many amenities including cafes and restaurants, convenience stores, a health clinic, travel agent, bank, bowling alley, sports complex, bookstore, pharmacy, beauty salon and barber shop.


In 1998, UNESCO named Sharjah the Cultural Capital of the Arab World for the work done in preserving and promoting its rich cultural heritage, notably through its numerous museums. Sharjah also aims to revitalize the strong intellectual tradition of the Middle East through education. A noted example of this effort is University City, a complex that is home to 4 institutions of higher learning, including AUS, a learning hospital and a public libr

Apply by January 15th to International House.

(credit to isep.org for content and photos)

Study this summer in Australia

Explore the diverse and expanding nature of communication practices throughout Australia. Over the course of three weeks students will travel to Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and the Gold Coast to critically analyze the nature, value, and approaches of effective communication from various angles. Students will learn the role of communication in social, political, corporate, and economic contexts by meeting with and learning from various Australian communication organizations. This three week program is packed with tours, workshops, and cultural excursions, and is worth six credits.

Australia wide; including Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast

ISEP Direct Summer for all ISEP member students

Students will explore the theories and practice of global communication across the fields of tourism, sport, and culture, particularly as it relates to the changing concepts of media industries and audiences; political communication and public affairs; public relations; corporate communication including integrated marketing communication and advertising, events and campaigns. The course is worth 6 credit points and is broken into two academic parts (A and B); both parts must be completed for the grade and credits to be awarded.  Part A consists of a personal reflection (500 words), a research proposal (1,500 words), and a research presentation in the form of a video blog. Part B consists of a daily journal/blog entries to critically evaluate and reflect on the student’s individual experience while in Australia, and the research report (2,500 words) addressing the research topic and proposal developed in Part A.

Sydney, New South Wales: The economic and social role of integrated communication across tourism, sport and culture
Days 1-7: Highlights include tours of Sydney tourism spots such as Circular Quay, The Rocks, Ferry rides to Bondi Beach and Manly. Visits to, and presentations by, cultural and sporting institutions such as the Sydney opera House, The Sydney Swans (Australian Football League) and Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney Morning Herald,  NSW Government Tourism and Event Departments and media agencies.

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory: Communication in the National Capital: Australian public affairs and media, cultural and sports marketing
Days 8-13: Highlights include tours of, and presentations by, key cultural attractions such as Australian War Memorial (AWM), Questacon (National Science Museum), The Australian National Gallery and the UC Brumbies, together with tours of Parliament House and discussions with Press Gallery Journalists.

Brisbane and Gold Coast, Queensland: Queensland Tourism and Events
Days 14-20: Highlights include visits to, and presentations by, organizations such as Tourism Queensland, Suncorp Stadium and Virgin Australia; visits to attractions such as Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary; Roma Street Parkland and Southbank Parklands, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and Gold Coast beaches.

The course is open to all students of at least sophomore/second year university standing. It may be of particular interest to students studying any facet of communications, advertising, marketing, international business, and public relations.

19 June 2014 – 19 July 2014

15 January 2014


Hotel accommodations for Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Gold Coast are included in the program fee. Breakfast and lunch costs are included, as well as some dinners. Also included are tuition, fieldtrips, cultural activities, and domestic (Australian) transportation.

In addition to the numerous workshops, tours, and cultural outings, students will also have two free afternoons and one free day in Sydney, one free day in Canberra, and one free day in Brisbane.

The University of Canberra (UC) is a highly regarded regional university located in Australia’s capital city. With a current enrollment of approximately 10,000, UC is a vibrant campus, home to a close-knit community of local, interstate and international students. Lectures are held in purpose-designed, modern lecture theatres fully equipped with multi-media facilities. For each lecture, students attend a tutorial (small, interactive study group supervised by a tutor) where they discuss the lecture and receive personal assistance from teaching staff. 

The university campus is beautifully situated between the heart of the nation’s capital and the beauty of Australian bush land and native wildlife. The city's lively nightlife of pubs, clubs and live music rubs shoulders with national and local arts, culture and politics, and the city comes to life each year during its numerous festivals. Some of Australia's most important political and historical buildings and tourist attractions are located in Canberra. Bush land reserves, lakeshore and cycling/jogging trails are just moments away from the university for those craving the great outdoors and kangaroos are regularly seen on campus!

Submit this APPLICATION to International House by January 15, 2014

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Rock n' Roll Turkey Time

With Thanksgiving around the corner, the English Studies majors group decided to celebrate this American holiday this week. So, I went to my first German Thanksgiving... Which was quite the interesting experience.

Here is all you really need to know about what happened:

The dinner was to be a buffet-style for about 60 or so people. It was organized in a local restaurant and bar. So, the venue had special lighting for a variety of events; they had been dimmed to give a homey feel for this dinner. Naturally, steam tables were brought out for vegetables and side dishes, and many a people from many a different land had come together to share meal and learn about a traditional American holiday.

Sounds like a nice, typical exercise in international learning experience, yes? These English students have done research and talked to Americans that had studied in Germany in previous semesters in order to accurately put on an authentic representation of this festive time, yes? Well, no. Not at all, really.

I had not eaten much that day, per tradition back home, so I could stuff myself silly with delicious food, also per tradition. The event started at 7:00 PM, and I was told there was a delay with the turkey. Thus, I waited patiently for the bird to presented in all its glory before us. Around 7:45, I heard in the background someone say, "The turkey is coming out of the kitchen now!" I whipped my head around to face the entrance of the dining room, and suddenly the lights went out, multi-colored strobe lights began to scan and flash, and the opening guitar riff to AC/DC's "Shoot to Thrill" starts to blast on surround sound stereos. I'm looking around and questioning reality, at this point, but as soon as I determine that I am not dreaming, a HUGE turkey with five lit sparklers comes rolling into the dining room on a cart pushed by a man that looked like Super Hans.

This is not a joke/lie/dramatization/misrepresentation. That is exactly what happened. Not only is that the gods' honest truth, but I was also asked about that by multiple Germans and international students. Here a few scenarios:

GERMAN GIRL 1: Oh, this doesn't happen every time for Thanksgiving every year in America?

DANIEL: Uh... I think it would be fair to say that's never happened in my family's celebration... or of
                 anyone's I know of...

GERMAN GIRL 2: We were afraid that it wouldn't be authentic. We couldn't find enough American
                                 flags or red, white, and blue. Is this ok?

DANIEL: In my family, at least, we decorate with earthy, fall colors, but I'm sure there are a few
                American family who go full force with der Patriotismus this time of year.

GERMAN GUY 1: You mean that's not how you bring the turkey in? We thought fireworks were
                                important in the US.

DANIEL: I can't say that I've ever seen it before, but I thought it was great. AC/DC was a nice touch.

Please note that these were all serious inquiries and conversations.

Needless to say, I loved my dinner of turkey, french fries, steam vegetables, and cubed butternut squash. I also loved the cultural learning experience and being able to exchange ideas about my own culture.

Overall, it was a great experience, and a very nice gesture, and a great time. And for reasons like these, I love the international community here. Thus, I look to the future with anticipation, for there are more ideas to be found out and more great stories like this one out there to be told one day.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Quick Look: Summer Internship Abroad Listing

All of our current summer intern abroad programs are listed here:

Program Location Duration Cost Related Majors
Vesalius College ~ Focus on Europe Brussels, Belgium 6 weeks $6,450 International Studies/Business /Art/Communications
CEA Internship in Prague Prague, Czech Republic 8 weeks $4,995 Business, Communication, Journalism, Theater Arts, Art History, Education
*GlobaLinks Internship in Australia Australia 6 weeks $5,525 Business, Communications, IT, Media, Engineering, Teaching, Veterinary Science
*GlobaLinks Internship in Shanghai Shanghai, China 6 weeks $4,860 Business, Communications, Marketing, Media, Teaching, Engineering, NGO , Fashion
*GlobaLinks Internship in Hong Kong Hong Kong 10 weeks $8,055 Banking and Finance, Events, Media, Architecture
*GlobaLinks Internship in Valencia, Spain Valencia, Spain 6 weeks $4,795 Hospitality, Tourism, Business, Marketing
*GlobaLinks Internship in Santiago, Chile Santiago, Chile 6 weeks $4,460 Journalism, Marketing, HR, Investment Bank, Sales, Intl Trade, NGO
*GlobaLinks Internship in London London, England 6 weeks $6,950 Business, Accounting, Finance, and Marketing, Communications, Journalism, and Public Relations, Architecture, Tourism and Hospitality, Engineering 
*GlobaLinks Internship in Singapore Singapore 6 weeks $6,170 Business, Accounting, Finance, and Marketing, Communications, Journalism, and Public Relations, Architecture, Tourism and Hospitality, Engineering
*GlobaLinks Internship in New Zealand New Zealand 6 weeks $5,525 Environmental, Tourism, Film/Media, Hospitality, Viticulture/Agriculture, Business, Communications

* GlobaLinks Internships have an additional fee of $500 if you want credit for the internship.  

ALL internship placements are customized, and generally they have access to placements in more fields of study than are listed.

Prices do not include airfare.

For more information contact kirsten.sheppard@maryvillecollege.edu

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Intern in London this summer!

Spend your summer as an INTERN in London, England,
the capital of Britain!

Ideal for Business, Accounting, Finance, and Marketing, Communications, Journalism, and Public Relations, Tourism and Hospitality, Engineering Internships
* really any major.  They offer customized placements for your goals!

* Visit four World Heritage Sites: the Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey, the Tower of LondonMaritime Greenwich and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
* Internship  personalized to your interests!  Experience organizations that we don't have here or multinational organizations (95% acceptance rate!)

Dates: 6 weeks June 22 - August 8, 2014  (10 week option also available)

Cost: $6,950  (+ $500 if you want academic credit - 4 credits for 6-weeks)

What does it include? 

  • Program fee for a High-Quality Work Experience
  • Personalized Program Based on Your Goals
  • Resume and Cover Letter Advising
  • 24/7 On-Site Support
  • Excursions and Adventures
  • Global Personal Brand Discovery and Toolbox:
    • Workbook on Personal Branding – An easy step-by-step book that you can use for tangibles on building your brand
    • Online Video Portfolio – Dynamic portfolio to highlight your educational and professional experience
    • Social Media Development – Resources or online workshop which focuses on LinkedIn account information and utilization
    • Personal Brand Assessment – A pre-departure assessment on current brand strength
    • Resume and Cover Letter Resources
  • Bridging Cultures Onsite Orientation
  • Guaranteed Housing – typically in a single studio-style student apartment w/i zones 1-3.  
  • Health insurance
  • Pre-departure services including assistance with immigration visas, airline tickets, orientation,
  • Cell phone or sim card (minutes purchased at an additional cost)
  • Free Passport Wallet

Apply Now  (application fee waived for MC students)  DEADLINE Jan 15th

Talk to Kirsten Sheppard at International House (kirsten.sheppard@maryvillecollege.edu) to get help!

INFO MEETING: Tuesday, November 26th at 3:30pm in SSC 113

Make yourself employable - Intern Abroad this Summer in Prague

Internships abroad can have a positive impact on resumes, in job interviews or on graduate school admissions applications!

International Internship in Prague      

Ideal for International Business, International Studies or Communication majors

*  immerse yourself in Czech culture
*  complete an internship with an international organization*  take a course in Economics, Art History, Communication, Political Science, Sociology or Photography

Dates: 8 weeks (May 28 - July 25, 2014)

Cost: $4,995 

  • Airport Pickup
  • Tuition & Fees (6 credits)
  • Housing (Apartment)
  • Prague Staff Support
  • Cultural & Social Activities
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • CEA office amenities (computer lab, internet access, etc)
  • Transportation Pass
  • Cell Phone
  • Anglo-American University Campus Facilities

Apply Now

Talk to Kirsten Sheppard at International House (kirsten.sheppard@maryvillecollege.edu) to get help!

Info Meeting: Tuesday, November 26 @ 3:30pm in SSC 113

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Maryville College Offers a Full Tuition Scholarship to International Students!

International Diversity Scholarship

Maryville College offers one full-tuition undergraduate scholarship each academic year.  The Maryville College International Diversity Scholarship will cover the full cost of tuition for each academic year and is renewable up to four years!


  •  Have a demonstrated record of academic achievement
  • Show financial need
  • Have a clear plan for contributing to the international community on the Maryville College campus 
  • Must live on campus during the four-year period of study 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Spend your Summer Around the World - NEW STUDY & INTERN ABROAD PROGRAMS!

Spend your Summer Around the World!

From Patagonia to the Great Wall of China to the Eiffel Tower....there are so many opportunities to explore the world this summer and get credit to fulfill your degree requirements.  

Check out summer study abroad program options through ISEP (International Student Exchange Program)

~ ENGLISH Options: 
Belgium (Politics * + internship option)  
China (service learning) 
Estonia, Russia & Ukraine (Political Science)  
Finland (Science or Human Sciences)  
Hungary (Modern Hungary)  
India (Social Sciences) 
The Netherlands (Social Policy) 
Thailand (Buddhism & Thai Society) 
England (Creative Arts, Media Arts, Performing Arts, or History)

~ ENGLISH & Host Language: 
Germany (Sciences, Business, Law, Ethics, Engineering, Poli Sci)
Italy (Business or Media Communications)
Korea (Korean & Asian Studies)
Taiwan (Chinese Language, Culture & Management)

Argentina | Brazil | Chile | Costa Rica | France | Japan | Spain | United Arab Emirates

Cost: between $900 - $7,500  (Average: $4,000) + airfare

    8 week internship  (05/28/2014-07/25/2014)
   Work with an internationally-oriented organization or company in Prague.
Perfect for students interested in Business, Humanities, Social Sciences, or International Relations & Diplomacy

Cost: $4,995 + airfare

So many choices - click here!

France - French language | Studio Art | Liberal Arts | International Business
Spain - Spanish language | International Business | Liberal Arts
Germany - European Business | German Language 
Italy - Art | Fashion Design | Business | Liberal Arts
Ireland - Irish Studies
England - Business | Arts
Costa Rica - Environmental Studies | Spanish | Medical Spanish | Tropical Field Study 
China - Intensive Chinese & International Business 

Cost: $3,500 - $9,000 (Average: $4,500) + airfare

GlobaLinks offers even more summer STUDY Abroad and INTERN Abroad program options to Maryville College students:

Australia - 4 week internship | Photography | Humanities | Social Sciences | Business
(Eg. Australian Wine Industry, Entrepreneurship, Travel Writing)
England - Art | Literature | Theatre | Business| Culture | Internship
Greece - Art | Business | Humanities | International Politics and more
Ireland -  Irish Sports & Culture | Irish Studies

...and more...

Cost: $3,500 - $9,000 (Average: $4,500) + airfare

New Zealand (Environmental, Tourism, Film/Media, Hospitality, Viticulture/Agriculture, Business, Communications)
London, England (Business, Accounting, Finance, and Marketing, Communications, Journalism, and Public Relations, Architecture, Tourism and Hospitality, Engineering Internships)
Australia (IT, Media, Engineering, Teaching, Veterinary Science, Business, Communications)
Singapore (Business, Accounting, Finance, and Marketing, Communications, Journalism, and Public Relations, Architecture, Tourism and Hospitality, Engineering Internships)
Santiago, Chile (Journalism, Marketing, HR, Investment Bank, Sales, Intl Trade, NGO)
Shanghai, China (Business, Communications, Marketing, Media, Teaching, Engineering, NGO , Fashion)
Hong Kong (Banking and Finance, Events, Media, Architecture Internships)
Spain (Hospitality, Tourism, Business, Marketing)

Cost: $4,400 - $7,000 + airfare

Seriously! So many options to choose from. Make an appointment now to learn more about how to apply for one of these programs!  kirsten.sheppard@maryvillecollege.edu