Monday, July 27, 2015

Homesickness - The Struggle is Real

I have absolutely loved my time in France. It has allowed me the opportunity to travel a lot, learn French, and experience new things I had never even considered before. That being said, I am definitely homesick. There are a lot of few things I miss about America that I never thought I would. When the heat wave came, I realized how much I value air conditioning and ice. Being hot doesn't usually bother me, but it was pretty brutal.

The biggest struggle I've been having with the feeling of homesickness is the guilt that comes along with it. I know that I have been given an amazing opportunity, and I don't want to waste it or feel sad when I am so fortunate. It doesn't keep me from missing the comforts of home and my support system there. I usually embrace the unfamiliar in order to try new things, but it's hard being surrounded by it for so long.

Before coming here, Kirsten said that most people experience euphoria upon reaching their destination, get homesick in the middle, then aren't ready to leave when the time comes. For me, that is not an accurate representation. With only two days left in Europe, I am completely ready to go home and patting myself on the back for being smart enough to not attempt an entire semester.

I fully expect to be back a week before missing France. It's become my home, and it will always be a part of me now. In a way, I might become homesick for Europe while in America. I know that I will be back someday, though maybe not for such a long trip next time.