Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Making the Most of Chambery

Chambery sort of reminds me of Maryville. It's a very small town. If you want to go to a bigger town, you go to Lyon, just like you would go to Knoxville if you were in Maryville. They both have a lot to offer. Sometimes when I am in Maryville, I forget all of the great things about the town. I forget to go out and explore and see what Maryville has to offer because I know that I will have four long years there (even though the first one has flown by). However, in Chambery, I know that I will not be here long, and it is a definite possibility that I will never be back again. It encourages me to enjoy it to the fullest extent while I am here.

Unfortunately, I have missed most of the festivals because I have been out of town those weekends, but I did get a chance to go to one night of a huge music festival here. They were playing songs from famous movies. Ironically, most of the movies were American. They had selections from films such as The Pink Panther, The Wizard of Oz, and Singing in the Rain. It was almost like a taste of home, except for the fact that they messed up some of the English. (However, my French is definitely not better than their English).

The lake has become my favorite place. It's been so hot that it's almost unbearable to stay in my apartment, so everyone flocks to the lake in an attempt to cool off. It's been a great place to tan, read, and swim. Without the lake, the heat would be pretty brutal. The lake is much nicer than those in Tennessee. The water is much clearer and probably much cleaner. I'll definitely miss it when I leave.

The school takes us on a lot of excursions as well. We've been to a museum, a brewery, a cheese factory, Annecy, and a radio station. There's definitely more, but I've been so many places that I've lost track. I wouldn't have thought to do any of these things myself, and I definitely want to look for some off the cuff things to do when I get back to Maryville.

There are some adorable little boutiques all over town. Window shopping has been a fun way to pass the time when it's not too hot. Amazingly, there's a secondhand store in town. I didn't even know those existed over here. It's definitely my favorite store that I've found by far. On the weekends, there's a market set up over a large part of the town in case there's nothing you like in the stores.

The town is tiny, but it seems like there's always something new, and I haven't yet finished everything I want to do here even though my time is almost up.