Monday, August 31, 2015

Week One in Sweden!

Yesterday marked my first full week in Sweden, and it has been the most hectic, exhausting, and fun week of my life.

Countries represented in this picture: France,
Switzerland, USA, Russia, and Netherlands
Once I got past the jetlag, adjusting to life in Sweden wasn't that difficult at all. I quickly met other exchange students, and we immediately hit it off. It feels like all nationalities are represented here, and I really love that. Part of me was scared that it would be a bunch of Americans here, but that's not the case at all. Every person you introduce yourself to is from a different country than the last. Everywhere you turn, a different language is being spoken. The entire world is present in my tiny group of international exchange students.

The Old Town!
Many of us are adventurers, so we've gone into Stockholm (we all live a bit outside the city centre) the past five days and done various activities. We've gone on tours, wandered around the Old Town by ourselves, found a lake with a beach, and found the highest spot in Stockholm, which provided us with a beautiful view of the entire city. I can
say with confidence that every inch of this city is gorgeous.

After a week of nonstop fun and adventure, I have to actually start school tomorrow. I'm only taking two classes at a time, and those classes only meet once or twice a week for five weeks, which will be wildly different compared to my normally packed and busy schedule at Maryville College. Right now, I'm taking Swedish for Exchange Students and English Youth and Children's Culture. I'm excited, and hopefully having class less often will give me plenty of time to travel! But if not, I'm more than happy here in good 'ol Stockholm.

Hej då!
- Lee

I'm so hearteyes over you, Stockholm.