Monday, October 26, 2015


Titles for blog posts are so difficult. Hence why the title of this one is literally just Norway. Because I went to Norway. At least it gets the point across.

Bryggen, which is located right by a port.
Anyway, Norway is beautiful! We went to Bergen, which is a quaint little place with that old European charm I love and surrounded by nature, particularly fjords. Honestly, I felt like I was in heaven. Bergen is the place people picture whenever they think of Scandinavia. There was one place
in particular, a spot downtown known as Bryggen, that feels especially Scandinavian. The street is lined with colourful buildings and inside the buildings are shops filled with all kinds of Norwegian goodies!

We spent the morning walking around downtown. We went to Bryggen, of course, and walked down a few alleys to see where they led us. We also went to a fish market, which is apparently Bergen's top attraction. There, we got the chance to try whale (it actually tastes kind of good!) and buy freshly caught salmon to cook for dinner that night.

If you go somewhere and don't
have a photoshoot, did you
really even go to said
After that, we took a trip to the highest point in Bergen, and we were able to see the entire city and marvel at its beauty. We easily spent two hours there just gawking at how incredibly beautiful is. I
don't think I'll ever forget the view from that spot.

Silvia and Ana, two Spanish girls I couldn't imagine
my life here in Sweden without. And behind us?
The GORGEOUS view from the random
village we accidentally went to.
The next day, we took a very long bus ride to a small village where we could see the fjords. The only problem? We got off at the wrong village. We walked around a bit before we stopped for lunch and started trying to decide on a new game plan. Some people wanted to go to the right stop, but others didn't want to pay to get on the bus
Check out this cool waterfall
again (the bus ticket had cost $30 one way!); in the end, we decided to visit a waterfall that was fairly close to the village we were in instead of the fjords.

To get to the waterfall, we had to walk through at least three miles of farmland. Since I grew up in a farming town, I felt completely at home and even told a few stories I had from working on a farm. It was a great way to pass the time. And the waterfall itself? Gorgeous! But even better than the
waterfall was the view! From the waterfall, you could see all of the farmland you'd just trekked across, and it, again, was absolutely stunning. Really, Norway is just a gorgeous place. I am quite fond of it. I wouldn't say no if someone asked me to go again.

A truly picturesque sunset :)
But now I'm back in Sweden - for now, anyway! Tomorrow, I'm leaving for Estonia with a friend who's currently visiting. And during the second week of November, I'll hopefully be going to Germany to visit a friend from back home who's currently studying abroad as well! And on the 12th of November, I begin working as a volunteer for the Stockholm International Film Festival. I am so excited!!!

Farvel! (that's Norwegian for goodbye!)
- Lee