Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I Love Europe

This video is 100% an accurate depiction of me.

Europe is, in a single word, awesome. As much as I love my home in the States, now that I'm here, I never want to go anywhere else. I understand that Europe isn't the right place for everyone. I want to stay in Europe as long as possible. When I go back home and return to normal life, I'll start planning my next trip here. I would love to have the opportunity to work somewhere on the continent one day. Really and truly, I love Europe so much. However, some people are content with staying where they've been their entire lives, and that's perfectly okay.

But even if you are one of those people, I think it's important to get out and see what else the world has to offer! It's fun, exciting, and life changing in the best way possible. And I'm saying this after only two and a half months abroad; I still have another 7+ months of being here!

I feel like I'm talking in circles with this blog. What I really want to drive home is the fact that I love it here. I love Europe. It's everything I've ever dreamed of and more. There's still so much I have left to uncover and explore, and I'm practically buzzing with excitement just thinking about it.

Wherever you want to go, go! I know that's easier said than done, but do everything in your power to make it happen. Going abroad for an extended period of time is oftentimes a once in a lifetime ordeal, but that once in a lifetime ordeal is guaranteed to change you forever.