Saturday, December 5, 2015

OMG Rugby!!!!!

November 22nd

I got to go to my first rugby game!!!! Too bad I knew nothing about rugby and no one spoke english to explain to me the words I didn't know! Why did i buy the ticket again??? I was going alone??? Oh well. I guess I have to meet new people!
(Lets go back a few days and start with how I found out about the game)
I was in the lobby waiting for the elevator to got to the 7th floor when I see a circle promoting something. (I thought it was soccer and was staring too long) So I went over to look and instead started talking to one of the players, we exchanged names and numbers. The I went to class and decided I want to see a rugby game, but my friends said they weren't interested. (looks like I'll go alone)
A few days pass and the guy called to tell me it was the last day to buy my ticket, but I couldn't really understand how to buy it. So he said he'd help me. There I met a few other players and got my ticket. They all seemed surprised that I was okay going alone (I guess it's because I'm not the best at Japanese).
The day of the game I arrived at the University early and got on the bus. (probably should have slept better the night before) My new friend called and asked me if I was going to the game, but I couldn't focus so I told him I was inside the bus and not on it.....oppps. We couldn't understand each other so he gave the phone to his friend that could kinda almost speak English (his understanding was great). So I talked with him and we confused each other even more....great, way to go Brandi. They assumed I wasn't going to go but I saw my friend get on the bus so I waked over and tapped him on the shoulder (surprised everyone). I guess they felt bad for me because they had me sit with the players and talked with me (explained most of the rules) the whole hour trip.
When we arrived I got a bento and learned different types of cheers! During the game they continued to explain what the flag was and want was going on!
Even though we didn't win, I enjoyed the game, the cheering, and making new friends!!! I even plan to go to lunch with the girls I met at the game!!!