Sunday, December 6, 2015

Thanksgiving in Japan!!!

November 26th

The international house staff asked us all to prepare a dish and they would buy the turkey!! (Awesome, right?) Too bad I always buy the wrong thing when I go shopping..... talent!
It's okay I had a friend help me get the correct ingredient the day of the party. However, it took a little longer than I was expecting to make the food so we got to the party in the middle of the announcement. (oppppps)
The party was sooo much fun there were people from everywhere showing some of their country's food, even though they don't celebrate Thanksgiving. There was sooo much food, I'm sure I gained 100 pounds (haha jk). There were so many people that I didn't know so of course I have to meet them ALL. Some of them I have more common interest with so we talked longer and are now friends. I plan to go to their volunteer circle once a week. We are also planning to all hangout after the new year, because December seems to be busy for everyone.
I can't wait!!!