Thursday, January 14, 2016

Alphabet Game

There is a game we used to play it in our daily life called "Alphabet Game" ,which my grandmother has taught us a bout it. The only thing to be the winner to be as fast as possible in this game. At lest 2 people can play. Anyway,  you might ask me what should you do?. At first, each one should  have a paper and a pen. The paper has a table which has columns and rows. Each column has category and there are 5 categories each one has a different subject. Before you start this game you should remember there are 26 letters, one of you will pick a random letter. After you heard this letter try to find a word start with this letter has chosen and when you find it you should write this word in its section and this word must refer to the subject in each category ( Animals, Plant, Place, Fruit)
 . When the entrants are ready they can start the game. Who writes all the words and put them in their section is consider everyone has to stop . Now everyone has to say what he has. Each word will get one point if it is correct and get zero if it is not. So, you can start a gain with a new letter. After all the letters you can see who has the biggest number of points. In addition, you will have a table of words that might help you to memorize some words and it will be a reference you can use them when you want to write something. It is fun game you should play it now .