Wednesday, January 20, 2016

American high school students should travel and learn more about the world

"It is better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books." This is a famous Chinese saying that was cited by the first lady Mrs. Obama during her speech in Beijing University in 2014. Traveling is the most popular learning style in Ancient China. Taking the greatest philosopher, educator and thinker of china, Confucius, as an example; He took his students to travel and study in more than nine state, and he believed this is one of terrific approach of doing self-cultivation. This opinion is also appropriate for today, and it get more popular because of the benefits of traveling are developing independent ability, building up communicative skill, and providing opportunities.

Based on the online statistic, only 35% American have a passport which means 65% American don’t even have chance to travel abroad. A lot of American study hard through high school in order to get in to a good college. Unlike other country such as New Zealand and Australia, the students usually take a gap year to travel and see the world after high school. In china, high students are love to visit or take summer school in other country during long-term vacation. Student can learn a lot of things during traveling.

First of all, independence is an essential quality for America high school students to adapt in this diverse world, and traveling is an excellent method to develop this trait. During the travel, students have to package and be responsible for their luggage. Specially, for the world trip, students need to package depend on their destination. Before the trip, students need to do some research about weather, location, culture, food and people. For example, students want to go Brazil in January, and at that time, temperature in there is 27 degrees Celsius. Students need to prepare more summer clothes not warm clothes. Because students travel in different country, where people may not speak English, problem solving skill is essential. The first thing I learned when I travel to different country is to remember the emergency call and the number of Chinese Embassy. When I’m in danger or meet some emergency situation, I can find somebody to help me. Personal safety is extremely important during travel, and knowing how to ensure their own security is a signal of being independence.

Second, communication is another lesson that people can learn from traveling. One online research shows that almost 80% American can only speak English. Some people may think they don’t know other language, so they cannot go travel to another country. Actually, this is fault thought, because language is only part of communication. When my uncle traveled to Russia last year, he only knew a little bit Russian. He used picture on the menu to order food, body language to ask round and electronic dictionary to talk with the other people in the bar. He had really great time in Russia, and he made a lot of friends. High school students should practice communication as soon as possible, because it is very useful skill in future. When people travel to different countries, they have to deal with diverse type of people. Students will meet the people who are really nice, who are don’t care about you or who want to steal your money. Because students will deal with many different people in travel, they will prepare and not panic when they meet the same situation.

In addition, the purpose of travel is to enrich people’s vision, and people can find a lot of opportunities during or after traveling. One of my classmate found an internship when he traveled to Japan. The man that he met during his travel is an office manager work of a huge company. The manager really likes him, and he offer my classmate an internship opportunity. Also, having unique perspective is helpful when student apply jobs. When students visited many place, their worldview and the way of thinking will become mature than others who only stay in their own country. Nowadays, businesses are looking for people who have unconventional or divergent thinking. The perfect way for high school students to lay the foundation for their future is to travel.

       Indeed, traveling for high school students seems waste time and money. However, becoming a responsible, social and mature people helps adapt themselves to the social development. Toady, having only good grade is not enough to catch up the development of this society. Experiencing different culture is the key to success in future. Every year, over million visitor come to America which explain this is a diverse country. However, this is not an excuse for not traveling. I suggest every American high school student don’t wait other countries’ people to visit American. They should go abroad and use their experience and knowledge to spread the American Dream.