Tuesday, January 12, 2016

ESL escape plan

On this event, our ESL group went to the escape in the Knoxville, when we in the escape room, we have a hour longer in the game, when we start the game, we saw a many locked, and we have to finish many questions in this hour. one good for me is, we have 8 peoples in the game, each people did a little things for this game, if  only me, or only me and my best friend in this game, i think we will died. This time I am luck I had group, we can teamwork. but for next time, if only me come to play this game, and the question is too difficult, than i can't did anythings.
So, my opinion for this game, if some group who had a lot of people, than they should to finish many question, if some group who had few people, they can't finish many question, they should to finish some easy question.