Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It is always a good idea

      Have you ever thought about how people live around the world? According to the United Nations (UN), the Earth has 190 different countries. Each one has their own culture, their own history. Even though you speak the same language that they speak you probably do not are equal. So, come with me to see some things that can interesting you and make you want to "discover" the world.
      Fist, you have to want to experiment new things. At the beginning it is not easy, but in the long run you will see how much you learn and enjoy it. No excuses, you can travel by yourself or with family/friends. Each experience is unique.
      People that travel learn a lot about different culture, especially if they live a period of time with someone that is native. Besides learn another culture you can make a lot of friends, and maybe flirt with someone. You can learn about different method to do some kind of food or a different method to study math. Another thing is that you can learn more about yourself, overcoming challenges that you though you could not do. You can learn all this and much more and it is not a boring way to learn.
      Brazil is a big country and each region has kind of a different typical food, animals and accent. Brazilians that live in the south is more like Germany and Italian people, because in the past this people lived there. Their typical food is barbecue (churrasco) and their typical animal is maned wolf (Lôbo- Guará). But, in the other side, people that live in the middle is not like Germany or Italian and even though that people eat barbecues it is not their typical food. Their typical food is pequi, and it is very popular there.
     As you can see in just one country you can learn more than one "culture". Don't be shy and do not waste time. You can learn more about Brazil or more about any country. I'm having a wonderful experience traveling. I did not finish this trip but I already want to do another one.