Monday, January 11, 2016

Our Escape Plan

   Today our group went to the Escape Game in Knoxville. It's a very safety game but we needed to be very quickly. We stayed  in a room and had too escape in one hour. We had to followed some rules. For example we needed to find the clue button for when we needed some help and we couldn't climb anything. The game started slowly and kind of disorganized but we didn't take too much time to find the keys, the words and numbers to open the padlocks and discover the meanings of many arrows that we found. However we couldn't escape. Maybe the reason for us didn't escape in one hour was because we didn't make a plan so everyone could do something because was too many people. We should pay more attention in our classmate action so we couldn't repeat the same thing that they had already done and don't lost time. Even thought we hadn't been successful it was a easily game.