Sunday, January 17, 2016

travel to Gatlinburg

For this weekend, our ESL group went to the ski on the mountain. We all are first time for ski except Jaehyeung and abadi. Because we all first time there, Jaehyeung was had no information at that time, Jaehyeung is best one our group, we should believe him. Me and Kai just followed the Jaehyeung, he took me and Kai to the highest way to ski down, that is highest way, it's so danger, if I ski at that time, I thought I will died, me and Kai we are agree to killed Jaehyeung. Because I can't did that, this is just my second time to ski, first time is ten more years ago,than I used long time walked down.
When I arrived to the mid mountain, than I am tried to ski, Jaehyeung tried to teach Kai one by one, I studied ski just a litter on the tv long time ago, and l learned it by myself when in the ski time.
When I come down, I am so happyed I am survival at that time. I told them I won't go up with them anymore, but I did go up with  3 more times, I am so enjoyer at ski time.