Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wonders of Knoxville

   Today my group and I went to Knoxville to know a little more about the city and her history. We visited many places including Tennesse Theatre, Regal Theater, Market Square and the Krutch Park. We took some pictures and talked a lot.
   The best part for me was see the graffitis behind the Market Square. Graffiti is street art and another way to express our opinion. Usually they use sprays and different materials. The graffiti was criticized a lot, but now people are more used to it. Most of the time the meaning of the graffiti is not clear and we need figure it out. In Brazil we have a lot of graffiti but the are in open places, not like here that they were in an alley. I stayed very surprise because they bring me back to the movies and TV shows that I`m used to watch in my country. The difference between here and there is that American people seems to appreciate it more than Brazilian people, because there were a lot of people taking photos and looking.                                                                                                        Graffiti in Knoxville
  The other place that I liked very much was the Krutch Park. It's a very different park from the ones I have in my city, because of the few sculptures that was put there and the waterfalls. In my country the parks usually have only seats and a big green space that you can walk with your dog and your family, but its very rare they have same art. Because of this I had the same felling that when I was in the museum and saw same modern art. All this places made me perceive that American people enjoy a lot art the places that they can go spend some time with their families.