Saturday, August 27, 2016

Final Days Abroad

My last final days in Japan were truly some of the greatest days I had all year. I went with my closest friends to Tokyo Disney Sea and it was SOOOOO magical!! We met many new people and made a game of jumping in other peoples selfies. I was glad I went with Sulecca and Haruka, because they're both as crazy as me. There was never a dull moment!
One of the last classes I went to was my sports class and after the class ended we had a PICTURE PARTY!!! Sulecca and I had the same class and all the girls loved us!!! We were planning a trip to the pool together! We went but it wasn't as much fun as the picture party! I'll miss all the girls in that class!!!
All the lunch and dinner parties were so fun, but that would take a LIFE TIME to type about. kkkkk I could probably post over 1000 pictures for the last few days, but I think my friends that took me to the airport are the greatest. Too bad I didn't get any pictures... I'm really sad about that. My friends Keita and Sulecca helped me take my bags to the airport. The night before I went to one last karaoke party and we (about 8 friends) sang really heart felt songs about how we will miss each other. All the other girls were crying in the karaoke room, but I never felt like crying at that time. I was sad but not sad enough to cry. I still can't explain why to me. My friend Keita said he wanted to see me cry with the other girls, but I didn't. However, once I was at the airport and checked my luggage, I stayed and talked with my friends while waiting for my flight. When I was finally ready to go Sulecca walked away from me so I said goodbye to Keita first. We hugged and said we would miss each other, but we will see each other again. I knew I had to approach Sulecca because she would not come to me... At that moment I could feel my heart break. And that's when I started to feel tears in my eyes. As soon as we looked at each other we were both crying and hugging. We hugged and cried for about 5 minutes. We've promised to meet up again!! We're soooo much like family, of course it will come true.
I really didn't want to leave Japan, I cried the whole flight back. WHY DID I LEAVE!!!!