Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ciao from Milano

Apparently, I have been out of the country for almost a month. It feels like just yesterday when I was dropped off at the Atlanta airport to go to my new home in Italy. When I first got here, I traveled with friends from home. I saw Rome, Capri, Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos. I always knew the world was huge but I never expected this. What a wonderful continent Europe is. I have had struggles and barriers to cross, but so far none of them trump the fact I am living in Italy: land of wine, pasta, and people ready to run you over in vespas.
Most of my issues I have faced stem from my anxiety. I have been nervous about making knew friends, traveling alone, not being fluent in the language, traveling enough (and to the right places), and overall about regretting missing half of my senior year.
I promise, the bad is not outweighing the good.
There is so much good.
I am going to Oktoberfest this weekend, Venice the next, and after that Prague. I have met friends from all over America and the Globe. I am taking challenging and fascinating classes not offered at Maryville. Even though I cried to my mom on facetime my first day here, I am getting acclimated. I am thoroughly enjoying my time here. Arrivederci for now.