Thursday, October 20, 2016

Being sick abroad and other stressors

I quite possibly have the worst immune system of anyone I know, not counting my sister. While I have been here, I have had three different colds, something almost flu-like, and a throw up bug. It has been a wild wild ride. I should drink plenty of fluids and have copious amounts of rest, but instead I find myself dragging my sick body through the cobblestone streets of Prague. I can't stop traveling. My past self (stingy and timid) would be in shock about the amount I have spent and the multiple times I've been spontaneous. I have talked to many strangers, everyone here is practically a stranger. Last weekend I found myself having Tex-Mex in Prague with an Australian, Indian-Canadian, and Filipino man, all hostel-goers that my roommate met. They, and others, are all wonderful people that I wouldn't meet if I stayed in my bubble.
Balancing school and fun is hard. It was hard back at Maryville but it is much harder here because all of Europe is calling. I plan when I will study and when I will go to Sweden at the same time. I recently made a trek to the end of the metro-line in Milan to find an obscure Steak and Shake with my roommate (the fries are different, but still delicious). I did this while ignoring the fact I am semi behind on all the readings I have to do my next week. Ah yes, exams are upon me....weeks after they struck their terror at Maryville. Let me tell you, I am nervous. There i no such this as a study guide here. We just have to know EVERYTHING. In a class where we have three readings per class, that is downright scary.
I promise I am full of happiness despite these issues. After Midterms, I am going to Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden. This weekend I am going to Florence. I will be in Paris by Christmas time. What the h*ll. I never thought I would have such opportunities.
I am overjoyed and overwhelmed and signing off for now.