Monday, February 6, 2017

French Cuisine


      I've been in France for 3 full weeks, and
while I miss my family, I have now adjusted enough to my surroundings to feel comfortable maneuvering the city on my own.
      A lot of Facebook friends and family have been eager to see the pictures I have of France, but I've noticed that what they are most interested in is (of course) the FOOD! Because of this, I decided to write a bit about the cuisine I've been exposed to.
      So far, I've have Asian food, Indian food, American food, and (you guessed it) French food! I didn't realize that Caen would have so many different types of food. I suppose I was expecting only cafes and creperies. What
 I have found has been much better!

      Although there's more to be found in the city of Caen
 other than cafes and creperies, I have never been anywhere more indulgent to a coffee-lovers need for caffeine! Therefore, I will now proudly share some of the many coffee drinks I have consumed (as well as one crepe).
     I discovered that cafe au lait (coffee with milk) is a safe choice for someone used to drinking the American coffee drinks. Aside from that, my newest sanctuary here in Caen has been Keys & Co., a cafe staffed with bilingual people who are kindhearted enough to let me butcher the French language when ordering and then communicate back to me in English.
     Keys & Co. also introduced me to my new favorite coffee drink: their house Mocha!! Its absolutely amazing, with a combination of chocolate and coffee!! There is no going wrong there!

 While there are many many more pictures of the food I've feasted on since being in France, I would like to at least mention the food/drinks that can only be found in my small town, U.S.A. (or at least, not found here in Caen.)
1. Cinco's -a Mexican restaurant with the best chicken chimichanga I've ever had. (I haven't seen a single Mexican restaurant in France, yet).

2. My sister's home-cooked meals- Maybe its the agony of having to cook for myself, but I absolutely miss my sister's food. I'd love to eat any of her Pinterest-attempted meals right now!

3. Sweet Tea!!- Maybe its the Southern girl in me, but I feel like many problems can be solved (or at least talked about) over a nice glass of cold sweet tea! That is a staple where I come from, and it's nonexistent in this part of the world!

Well, there are plenty more, but I'll leave on the refreshing note of sweet tea! It's been a great three weeks here. I can't believe its almost been a month!! A bientot! -Albrianna Jenkins