Thursday, February 23, 2017

How Maryville College Prepared Me for My Career?

        Convocation Ceremony (August 2016)            

If someone asked me why I decided to attend Maryville College my freshman year, I would have listed all the things I thought were the reasons I chose Maryville College. However, now that I am less than three months away from graduating from this wonderful place, I would confidently add something more - Maryville College prepared me well for my career and life in general. I would like to highlight how MC curriculum prepared me for my career and how skills learned outside of my classes shaped a person I am today.
When I was told that Maryville College academics are hard, I thought oh yeah all universities are hard, but they actually meant it. As a science major, I was pushed to my limits by my professors to give my all and never settle for mediocrity. My professors became my life mentors, and offered me opportunities to help me to get where I want to be after my undergraduate degree. The Natural Science Department prepared me through classroom and laboratory setting training to get an internship in my field. It was during my internship I realized that MC is nothing less than an Ivy League school. When the summer interns were assigned to write the final report of their projects in American Chemical Society format, a student from a well-known university confessed about not knowing how to write in that format. I was astonished because all science students at MC are taught this format since day one of any biology or general chemistry courses. Therefore, this institution taught me everything I need and extra to get into a graduate school for advanced degree. 
One of the graduation requirements for every student is writing a senior thesis, which is a Mega-paper that a student completes regarding a topic in their major. As a biochemistry major, I completed a study related to molecular and cancer biology, which I never believed I could write or comprehend the complex molecular pathways involved. Yet, every week I meet with my thesis adviser to discuss my thesis updates including reviewing literature ( reading complex scientific articles) and writing at the same level as all of those articles. Yes, it is time-consuming and stressful, but when I read through my 50 page paper I realize how much I have learned and my writing abilities are way, way better than when I first started college. This makes me proud of making the best decision of my life by coming to MC. 
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Convocation Ceremony (August 2016)  
Maryville College taught me not only knowledge and expertise for my future career, but also skills to succeed in life. I was somewhat reserved and shy during high school, but this college really helped me to come out of my shell. I joined Maryville College Ambassador program my freshman year and improved my public-speaking skills, handle difficult situations, become an excellent storyteller and foremost learned to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. 
At last, I want to thank Maryville College for hosting me for the last four years, and if I had to take this journey all over gain I would do it in a heartbeat! Maryville College and its people will always have a special place in my heart.