Wednesday, February 15, 2017

One Month Down!!


It's day 31 here in France for me! This week, I've had to take tests in some of my classes. Although classes have been difficult, the faculty is more than willing to help! Much like Maryville College, UniCaen also provides adequate resources to practice what is taught in the classroom. There is an online portal much like MC's Tartan that professors are able to post links on. Also, there is an entire library on-campus that is dedicated to the Languages division.

The international program and Erasmus organize numerous events for international students studying at Caen, and I've been lucky enough to go on 2 excursions so far and also participate in Soiree Jeux (Game night!). The fee for the excursions is minimal. So far, the typical prices that I've noticed is around 30 euros. Lucky for me, I went on the two excursions that only cost 2 euros apiece. I visited Mont St. Michel on the first excursion and did a cider tour this past weekend.

Normandy is well-known for its apple cider, and so, we were able to visit a farm that produces cider! We saw the process of how it is made and even got to taste some at the end! Aside from this, we also visited a fromagery (where cheese is made). Normandy is famous for certain cheeses as well, and so, the group walked through the factory and did a cheese tasting at the end. This particular excursion allowed me to learn more about the Normandy region in particular, which I found to be extremely interesting.

So far, I have met and befriended numerous international students. Although I did not come with any other students from my school, I feel relieved in a way. A classmate of mine told me I had a "muscle heart" for doing such a thing, and while I appreciated her remark on my courageousness, I knew that coming alone would allow me to grow in ways I wouldn't expect. Already, I have learned so much and met so many amazing people. One friend in particular actually had Taco Night this past Sunday after I shared with her my longing for Cinco's (my favorite Mexican restaurant) back home!

Next week will be our first break. We will have a week off, and I have already prepared to spend the majority of that time traveling!! Though I don't plan on leaving France, I will be able to ride a train down to the south of France (Bordeaux, in particular). On the way back, I plan on having lunch in Paris!! I'm extremely excited about the entire trip and will hopefully have many pictures to share!

                                                                         A bientot!