Tuesday, March 14, 2017

College differences in Mexico and U.S

Education is an important aspect in most countries, and Mexico and the United States are no different. However, there are many differences between the education system in the United States and that of Mexico. Contrasts can be found in the amount of years, structure, culture and context of the educational systems. Let's take a look at important differences in the schooling of these two countries.
One difference is the way school discipline student. For example in Mexico we have very strict and long schedules. Our classes start at 8 am and end at 3 pm. Also, all students have  4 to 5 classes each day. In the United States, it´s surprising for me how flexible you  can make  your schedule, and how much freedom you have in making it. For example, sometimes I have two classes each day or have some days completely off.
The other big different are the professors. Most professors I have at Maryville College are friendly and will help you out. Most of the professor at Maryville will have office hours where they will help you solve any problem you have in their class.  In Mexico most professor just teach class. The Department Chair evaluates projects and homework, so the grading structure is very different than here. If you did not do so good on a homework or project assignment most professor will  indicate what the student did wrong, so the student can learn from their mistakes and leave the class with the best understanding possible.

My home country university system
Covenent stone 
might not vary that much from the United States’ system, but there are so many little things that make a difference. Maryville College might be different than what I am used to but change is always good. I am loving my stay here and would not trade this new experience for anything.  The experience I am gaining being in a college away from home is unique. I am learning how to be independent, how to interact with so many different cultures and amazing people.