Monday, April 24, 2017

Life at Maryville College

   One of my favorite memories is Maryville College is Intramural games, It’s the best place to show off sportsmanship and sportswoman-ship. You could team up with your friends or join a free agent, which is a good way to meet some new friends. They host a variety of sports, soccer, indoor and sand volleyball, basketball and softball. Soccer is by far one of my most favorite games I’ve played growing up in Jamaica. Volleyball too is another favorite game, it’s not as popular as soccer back home. Through wins and loses you strengthen relationships with friends.
A picture from with my sand volley ball team - Dinner is served.

    One of the best advice for future Marvyille College International student, is to make friends. Leaving home might be difficult and being in a different environment and culture, socialization is the best method to get acclimated to the culture in the US.
   I've met a lot of friends from other countries that said if I ever visit their home country and can I can come and visit them!
Friends at the spring fling.

  Also I've met great friends Corvonn met my freshman year at Maryville college, he then later transferred my second semester. But it's almost as if we've known each other for a lifetime, I've always spent Christmas with him and his family, and they have become my second family here in the US. 

Studying here in the USA at Maryville College has served to widen my career and open up many and varied opportunities for educational advancements. In Jamaica I would be somewhat limited in the choices of what and where to study. Maryville College has opened my eyes to even bigger and better career opportunities. I have more fields to choose from and the career center has opened up links for gaining knowledge in a hands on approach.

Four places that you should visit coming to Maryville college.

The MC tower - This is a great place to climb.

Lookout at the foothills parkway -
Its a great place that overlooks Maryville.

Nashville - Its such a huge city around 3 hours away from Maryville.

The MC woods - It is interesting to see what wild life you can find.