Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Settled In

As my first month in Prague is coming to a close, I have found that I feel more at home in this wonderful city. I have fallen into a routine between work and school. I can easily find my way around the city and I have a better idea of where to find the items or services I may need. Also, the language barrier has not been an issue. I am happily very busy between my internship, school, and trying to get to know other international students. This routine that I have found myself in is actually helping me deal with some of the things that I, at first, found irritating: lack of air conditioning, not having access to a dryer, and one of the smallest kitchens in the world.
I did get ill during my first month in Prague. It was comforting to know that I was able to pick up cold medicine (which worked wonderfully) and I had access to an English-speaking doctor if I felt I needed one. I was allowed a long weekend to rest and get well. This helped me get off to a good start in my new class the following Monday. This experience has given me a lot more confidence in being able to exist in unfamiliar environments. I hope traveling, living, and working in different countries is a part of my future career.