Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Lady Aurora

Chloe Kilpatrick

This weekend a group of friends and I went camping at a beach near Bodø called Mjelle. Along the coast there is a hike to a secret beach between two mountains. The hike there was quite an adventure! First going the wrong way, then climbing down the side of a cliff, all just part of the fun! Once we finally made it to the mountain to see the beach it was all worth it! The view is spectacular from there. This country is absolutely something I have never experienced before. We finally made it back down after some rock climbing. Food always tastes so good after a long hike and when you're camping. We had a nice fire and we were waiting for the northern lights to make an entrance. Just as we had given up, Lady Aurora danced above a small hill right beside our tents. We sprinted up the hill for the chance to watch the show. We had seen some lights on previous days but we had never seen anything like this! The sky was clear and the colors were vivid. Of course, we didn't have our cameras. I think this night really showed me that everything happens so spontaneously and there is no way to control it. I can't wait to see northern lights as many times as I can!