Saturday, September 16, 2017

Who Am I? I'm {Wander} Woman!!

Hey, everybody!!

My name is Albrianna Jenkins.  I returned from my semester abroad in France a little over three months ago, and time sure has flown by! Within that time, I have been preparing to take up my position as Study Abroad Ambassador Co-Chair, which is (by far) the most exciting title I’ve ever assumed! (Anything to do with being abroad is, am I right?!)

What I am most excited to share with you all is just a taste of my LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE about how I became a superhero.

My story takes place in a land far, far away (over 4,000 miles, to be exact). Can you guess where this place is? That’s right: FRANCE!

It was my last full day in France,
and I was spending time with my friend, Sandrine (you may recall her from my blog about my trip to London). We had a late lunch of crepes and cider, then went to rest in the gardens of Versailles. There, we discussed our plans for later in the evening. Sandrine suggested going to see Wonder Woman, and I, being all about strong, female protagonists, supported the idea whole-heartedly.

We arrived at the theater just in time for the movie to begin, and as the lights dimmed, we settled into our seats, ready to watch this iconic hero in action. By the end of the film, I was blown away by the plot, the characters, the one-liners, and the epic themes that were all interlaced within the 2 hours and 21 minutes of viewing time, but best of all, I came away feeling EMPOWERED.

As a woman and as a traveler, this movie gave me a small refreshing reminder of the capabilities of the human race, and I felt proud knowing, first-hand, the beauty of other cultures and languages. This was the value of my time abroad! The next day, I boarded the plan for the nine-hour flight back to the U.S. taking with me the memories, the souvenirs, and the STRENGTH I had developed from my time abroad.

So, now as I adjust back to life state-side, I am restless, tempted by the call of adventure. My experiences TRANSFORMED me from indecisive to independent, from timid to travel-loving. I realize that this change wasn’t caused by a radio-active spider or powers gifted to me from gods that did such a thing. It was the International House at Maryville College that provided me with the tools I needed to become a self-proclaimed {Wander} Woman, a person who possesses the heart of a sojourner, a passion for traveling, and the power to inform other Maryville College students of the possibilities that come from studying abroad.

If you are a Maryville College student determined to study abroad, or even the least bit curious about the powers of I-House, I encourage you to schedule a meeting with Kirsten Sheppard or another member of International House. Discover the study abroad SCHOLARSHIPS available to you, the PROGRAMS that align with your major, and the LOCATIONS all around the globe that will give you your own superpowers!