Thursday, November 9, 2017


My trip to Iceland

One of the most exciting things about studying abroad to me is the traveling possibilities. As a child, my family mainly traveled domestically with a few trips outside of the US. After going to New Zealand over J-term I have been itching to travel to another country! It has been absolutely amazing to get to travel around  Norway. 

My parents have been here to visit me for the past two weeks. I have had such a great time being able to show them this beautiful city that I get to call home for just a little bit longer. It was amazing for them to be able to experience all the things that I have been telling them about throughout my trip. I was most excited to show them the northern lights. Seeing the northern lights is hard to describe. It's as if God is painting in the sky right above you. Colors and light dancing and jumping across the sky. We also were able to see moose, reindeer, and sea eagles. 

While they were here, we made a trip to Reykjavik, Iceland as well. I was extremely excited about this because I haven't been there before. We only had time for two and half days there but they gave us a chance to experience a little bit of Iceland. We decided to go to the blue lagoon, two geysers and two waterfalls. We also explored the old city center. It was very fun to be able to travel with my parents and experience a new country with them!