Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Is It Too Soon?

Myka Bland
University of Worcester

So it hasn't been a month and I am already feeling a sense of homesickness. Don't get me wrong: I don't regret coming here and I have learned to like the school and the Worcester city environment, but I just get into these spells where I wish I was in my house in my bed watching "Criminal Minds" in one of my boyfriend's T-Shirts. Is it too soon for me to feel the need to go home? It hasn't even been a month and I'm already thinking about the things that I am going to do when I get home. However, it hasn't caused me too slack in any of my classes and I have yet to cry about the situation so I don't think it's that out of control. On the other hand, everything else seems to be going alright; classes are fairly simple, I've made a couple of friends, and traveling in Europe is SO CHEAP so I have a chance to get somethings off of my bucket list before returning home. Who can complain about that?