Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Weather Patterns: HELP!!!!!!

Myka Bland
University of Worcester

Now, I was born in Michigan and am well aware of the content of snow, such as color, where it comes from, how it's formed, etc., but if I had any advice for anyone wanting to study abroad, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CHECK THE WEATHER PATTERN OF YOUR DESIGNATED COUNTRY!!

If I had to describe a "perfect weather" day, it would be a nice cool breeze along with a 70-75 degree Fahrenheit, sun is optional, and ABSOLUTELY NO RAIN!!!!! However, I can count on one hand how many times I have seen the sun, rain seems to rarely be in the forecast, but it has rained almost half of the time I've been here, and, not to mention, I was just apart of the biggest snowstorm to hit Worcester in the past 5 years. Oh it's true; IT'S DANG TRUE!!!!!!

If someone asked me how to better prepare themselves for their time abroad, I would have to say CHECK THE WEATHER PATTERNS OF WHERE YOU ARE GOING! If you are all about sunny days, warm nights, and very dismissive to rain, then maybe the central part of England is not for you!